About us

Yash Machine Tools Company is a leading manufacturer & exporter of sheet bending machines and other important manufacturing components globally. We undertake to offer the best and most technologically advanced equipments that are directed to enhancing efficiency and productivity in your operations.

The company makes a wide range of machine tools for bending sheet metals used in various industries such as bending roller, bus bar, Folding, hydraulic press, Iron worker, Nibbling, Power Press, Press Brake, Riveting, Shearing, sheet metal machines and many other machines.

The company’s key objectives are to maintain its leadership position in manufacturing and distribution of high quality bending machines for metal sheets. This will be achieved through maintenance of quality management systems producing equipments that are both long lasting and innovative to your business. Advanced technology and machinery are used in manufacturing of the machine tools that we provide, thus we guarantee high precision and accuracy of the equipments.

For greater customer satisfaction, we offer very competitive and affordable prices for our products according to industry standards and enable you to get the value for your investment. In addition, we have made the procurement process very user friendly while maintaining superb customer service and satisfaction.

Industrial workshop machineries play significant role in obtaining precision in machining. Yet the actual success of buying perfect equipment stays in its quality and performance. Our focus is to design machinery with accurate specifications which may help several industries across the world. Our devices are known for their higher range performance and long standing durability apart from quality, design and purpose. Pricing is also a supreme matter of concern, when it comes to Yash Machine Tools because we suggest you the best price that is also most competitive in the industry. Consumers can fetch any equipment at Yash Machine Tools comparatively lesser price than anywhere in the globe

Service Support & Spares

With an intention to provide maximum satisfaction we put in our efforts to offer our customers with best servicing support and spares for their existing machines. Our machine spares are of genuine quality and are guaranteed to give durable functionality so that you need not go for replacing machine parts frequently.So if you are a manufacturer looking for best quality and low cost machinery solutions for your manufacturing requirements, we are there to help you.