Bus Bar Bending-Cutting-Punching Machine

Bus Bar Bending-Cutting-Punching machine from Yash Machine Tools has combined these processes for total efficiency to be achieved. The machine also comes with optional accessories such as special tools and high speed operation designs. The bus bar for bending, cutting and punching is available with different specifications as per standard and custom requirements from Yash Machine Tools for various industries.

Bus Bar Machine


  • The Bus bar bending, cutting & punching unit machine is technologically advanced, compact & versatile machine.
  • The machine is designed to cater the requirement of bus bar preparation & almost all operations are included in one machine.
  • This is a highly productive machine suiting to growing demand of Industries.
  • The machine is equipped with three different & independent stations for All these stations work parallel to contribute High Productivity of machine.
  • International quality hydraulic & electrical components ensure maintenance free long life.


Standard Accessories
  1. Main drive motor.
  2. Unhardened & ungrounded suitable bending tool
  3. Hardened & grounded HCHCr Blade on Shearing station
  4. One suitable die & punch on Punching Station.
  5. Compact Hydraulic power pack with built in control panel
  6. Separate foot switch for each station
  7. Guage stopper on shearing station bending station & punching station.
Optional Accessories
  1. Special tools for punching station
  2. Special tools for bending station
  3. High Speed Version
  4. First Fill of oil


Model BU40
  Bending Station Shearing Station Punching Station
Copper 12mm X 200mm 12mm X 200mm Ø14mm X 12mm Thk
Aluminium 14mm X 200mm 14mm X 200mm Ø16mm X 14mm Thk
Steel Plates 10mm X 200mm 10mm X 200mm Ø14mm X 10mm Thk
Motor Power   5 HP (3.7 KW)  
Power Supply   415 V, 3Ø, 50 Hz  
Oil Tank Capacity   75 Liters  
Overall Dimensions   1800mm X 1300mm X 1300mm  
Weight   1200 kg  
Speed 5mm/sec 6 strokes/min 13 strokes/min