Sheet Metal - Bending & Cutting Machine

We provide angel-cutting model, rod cutting machine, bhaiya cutter, the motorized cutter and the circle-cutting machine. The Angel cutter can cut up to 7mm thick of sheet metal without creating distortion in the material. The Bhaiya cutter is available in different sizes and has a capacity of cutting up to 3 mm. The machine is of sturdy design to eliminate twisting of material during the cutting process.
The motorized cutter can cut 5-6mm thick sheet metal and made of a rigid framework able to handle heavy and accurate cutting. The circle cutter can cut up to 76 mm rods efficiently and with no deformations.

Pipe Bending Machine
Hydraulic Hand / Motorised Pipe Bending Machine
Angel Cutter
Angel Cutting Model: 8C, 8CH, 10CH
Rod Cutter
Rod Cutting Machine Cap. Round 18 & 25 mm Square 15 & 22mm
Bhaiya Cutting Machine Manufacturer
Bhaiya Cutter Size: 8", 12" & 16"
Motorized Cutting Machine
Motorized Cutter Size: 12" & 16"
Circle Cutter
Circle Cutting Machine - Hand Operated / Motorised Operated Motorized Cutter