Trunk Folding Machine

We provide Trunk folding machine that is manually operated and manufactured with high skill, to deliver accurate bends on various sheet metals. The firm base of construction creates stability during bending, thus getting very precise angles during bending. The trunk folding machines are available with different specifications as per standard and custom requirements from Yash Machine Tools for various industries.

Folding Machine


Hand Operated

Model No. Overall Machine Size (Inch) Dla. of Eccentric (inch) Thickness of M.S. Plate used In Side (mm)
PTF-1 60x18x31 4 12
PTF-2 48x18x31 4 12
Cross-Sectional Size of
Ram (Inch) Blade (inch) Bar (inch) Girder (inch)
6×1% (solid) 6x’/2   8×4
6×1% (solid) 6×72 T/itXh 8×4
No. of Slits In Bending Bending Capacity In  
Bar Length (inch) Thickness (S.W.G.)  
4 60 18  
4 48 18